SQL Server Configuration Scripting Utility Release 9

There’s another update to my little utility to script a SQL Server’s configuration.  I use this for two purposes.  First, I use it to keep my database mirroring servers up to date.  Second, I capture the output in a version control system and keep that for historical reference.

In release 3.0.9 I made the following changes:

  • Rewrote the encrypted trigger scripting.  It will now list the encrypted triggers in a comment in the table script but can’t actually script them.
  • It now scripts any server event notifications.
  • You can script a single database using the /scriptdb flag.  Please note that it will also script the instance and system databases when it does this.
  • It will script any user-defined endpoints.  This will capture your mirroring endpoints and more importantly any service broker endpoints.
  • It will gracefully skip database mail on the Express Edition.

It still doesn’t support SQL Server 2012.  I think that’s the next feature to add though.

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