SQL Server 2008 Launch Event

I attended the SQL Server 2008 launch in Los Angeles for PASS.  It was VERY nice to leave sub-freezing Kansas and arrive in warm, sunny Los Angeles. 

My pictures of the keynote didn't turn out all that well unfortunately.  The ones I took before it started turned out the best.  I also ran into Janette from Idera.  Idera and Quest were the only two SQL Server tools vendors that I saw there.  The keynote presentation was projected onto some type of clear screen.  You could see the presentation and see through it. It gave it a neat 3D look.

LA Launch-0319 LA Launch-0322 LA Launch-0324

The walk from the Nokia Theatre over to the convention center was short but unusual.

  LA Launch-0331 LA Launch-0334 LA Launch-0335

PASS was in the Microsoft Pavilion and shared a booth with Culminis and INETA.  I always forget how hard it is to work in a booth all day.  I saw quite a few people I knew including Dinakar who blogs here but didn't have time to talk much.

Bill at the PASS BoothLA Launch-0342

I managed an invite to Microsoft's party (or maybe AMD's) after the event where they had The Barenaked Ladies playing.  That was pretty cool. 

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