Terminals: A Great RDP Client

imageOne of the joys of being a consultant is trying to keep track of remote desktop connection information for a dozen clients.  Each one has multiple servers so the combination of clients, machines, user names and passwords add up quickly.  Recently I've been using Terminals to manage all my RDP connections.

This is a small open-source application that provides a wrapper for the RDP client.  It allows me to securely store all my connection information for multiple machines.  Connecting to any machine I work with is as easy as selecting it from the drop down list.  As you can see from the screen shot the tabbed window allows multiple open RDP sessions and the ability to easily switch between them.

If you regularly use RDP (or remote desktop) I highly recommend this handy little utility.  They are currently working on a 1.6 release but I'm still running the older 1.01.

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