Crossing a Threshold

If you're reading this post on the actual Weblogs homepage you'll notice that the count of posts now says 1,000.  I'm happy to say that 90% of those posts have come from other people. 

Three weeks from now is the four year anniversary of starting these blogs.  My goal in starting this group blog was to give smart people a place to say interesting things.  We certainly have smart people and they do say interesting things.

So a great big thanks to Mark, Mladen, Jeff, Tara, Brett, David, Damian, Chris, Davide, Travis, Derrick, Rob, Randy, Jon, Phil, Denise, Dinakar and Joe.  Your opinions, comments and insights have made this place what it is today.  Keep up the great work.

If you'd like to join us and post here send me a note and tell me what you'd like to talk about.

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