Blog at SQLTeam = Earn some cash

If you visit the blogs of Jeff Smith and Mladen Prajdić you'll notice they are now running the same ads as the main site.  They were both running generic Google ads prior to this.  We were able to tweak a SubText skin in order to pull ads from my ad server.  The biggest benefit is that their revenue more than tripled and their ads are better targeted at their readers. 

If you're a blogger here on the site please contact me if you're interested.  You do need  a certain minimum level of traffic and you need to be posting regularly.  In order for this to make sense you probably need around 5,000 page views per month.

If you're a SQL Server blogger somewhere else and would like to get paid for your efforts come on over!  Depending on what software you're using now we can probably move your posts and comments over.  The same comments about minimum traffic and regular posting apply.  If you're curious or have questions, please let me know.

Just to be clear, I'm not paying anyone to write.  I'm offering to run advertising on your blog and give you the majority of the revenue from that.  And I've already got the advertisers.  If you want to get paid to write you can become a SQLTeam author.  We pay for each article published.

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