ClearTrace 2.0.7

I've made some pretty significant changes to this tool.

  • It now writes to multiple tables instead of a single table. This greatly reduces the space required and the import time. It creates the objects it needs in the database specified. All the objects have a CT prefix in the name. There is a view included to query them.
  • There is GUI available now. Both the console version and the GUI version are included in the ZIP file below. They have the same code behind them. There are a few options on the console app that haven't made it to the GUI yet but they will soon.
  • The GUI includes a simple form to query the saved traces. You can group by SQL statement, login, host or application. You can filter by login, host or application. You can sort by CPU, Reads, Writes and Duration. You can double-click a SQL statement to see an actual statement that you can use for performance tuning.
  • I don't have much error handling in the GUI yet so let me know if you find any errors.
  • This is still very, very beta.
Download the latest version.
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