SQL Server 2005 Query Plan web cast (UPDATED AGAIN)

UPDATED: The content of this presentation has significantly changed.  The presentation no longer covers the “What I Wish Developers Knew“ Material.  Basically this turns out to be a 45 minute session with 15 minutes of Q&A and I couldn't shoe horn a 75 minute session into that amount of time.  This has turned into a session on reading query plans in SQL Server 2005.  It's going to start very basic with table scans and work its way up.  We'll also cover Profiler and some indexing tips.  My presentation is part of a series of sessions geared toward people new to SQL Server and this topic seemed a better fit.  Plus it fits in the scheduled time.  My apologies for the confusion.  We're making plans to turn the What I Wish Developers Knew About SQL Server material into a series of three webcasts.

On March 22nd I'll be presentating a web cast of my PASS presentation “What I Wish Developers Knew About SQL Server”.  The presentation is tentatively titled “SQL Server Tips & Tricks”  It should last about an hour.  All the content will be updated for SQL Server 2005 and the sample code updated to use AdventureWorks.  You can register here.  (And please register using this link.  I get “stuff” if you follow my link to register.)

There are quite a few webcasts scheduled for March on a variety of topics.  Many of them focus on the Express editions of SQL Server and the Visual Studio tools.  Everything that I'm going to discuss will apply to all editions of SQL Server.

The web site layout of their site is a little interesting.  Follow any one of the links for Java, ColdFunsion or PHP and you'll end up at the list of sessions.  On the second page, choose the link for Data Access and I'm the last one listed: “SQL Server 2005 Tips and Tricks”.

UPDATE: The recorded session is now available.  You'll still need to register using the link above.

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