ClearTrace for Extended Events

I found the time to update ClearTrace to support Extended Events.  You can download ClearTrace for Extended Events from my corporate site.  A few notes about this build

  • It's a very early release.  Everything seems to work for me and it passes all the tests.  Please report any issues in the ClearTrace support forums.
  • This version is hard-coded to require SQL Server 2017 SMO.  There's a link for it on the download page.
  • The previous version supported choosing files via a wilcard or selecting the first trace file and allowing it to process all the files.  Right now, this version only allows a multi-file selection through the dialog box.  That has worked much better for me given how trace files are named.
  • The database format is the same as ClearTrace for Trace.  However the SQL batches reported by XE can be formatted differently than trace.  Which means my "normalized" SQL may be different.  I'd enourage you to start a new database – or at least new trace groups.
  • Right now it only suports rpc_completed and sql_batch_completed events.  
  • The command-line version isn't included in this download.  It really needs the wildcard bit to work again before it's very useful.

Download and it take it for a spin and give me any feedback in the forums.  

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