Is It SQL - 1.0.27

I'd like to tell you this release has some great unifying theme. It doesn't. It's just a bunch of things I felt like fixing.

But let's start with tags. That's what I originally wanted to focus on for this release. The first change is to separate out the user-tags from the system generated tags. (And you can enable the tagging feature by signing up for the newsletter). Most times I'm using I want to see how I've tagged servers. But every now and then I'd like to see by SQL Server version, or edition, or domain.

There's also a tag summary page that lists one row per tag. It counts the number of instances, disk I/O, RAM, cores, etc. It's a great way to get an overview of your environment. And it works for system generated tags so you can quickly how much data and activity is taking place in each version for example.

I also made some changes to the detail for tags or servers. First, I now show the total server memory as well as the amount used by the SQL Server engine. The total allocated to the server is what I want to see most of the time. If you hover over the number of cores, it will also show the number of cores actually used. This is just a simple percent used multiplied by total cores. I find this especially interesting when I tag groups of VMs. Then I can see how many cores they are really using. I may try to make this more prominent in future releases. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to see.

Many of the wait types around SQL Server 2016 are gradually getting hidden away. The latest was related to the Query Store. And if you aren't using this you really should be. It's a handy little feature. If you find other wait types showing but you don't think they should please use the contact page and let me know.

There are lots of little cosmetic fixes. The version doesn't display on the list servers any more but does appear on the server detail page. If you don't have the right permissions I display a better error message. The server summary page groups a little better into sizes (core count, databases, etc.) vs. usage (CPU percent, disk I/O, etc.).

You can download 1.0.27 on the Is It SQL page.

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