Database Mirroring in Is It SQL

Release 1.0.22 is out and available at the Is It SQL home page.  The biggest feature here is database mirroring. 

There are two ways to see database mirroring.  The first is on a server page it will show the databases that are mirrored.  There is also a global database mirroring page that shows all mirrored databases.  There’s an added column named “priority” that highlights databases that aren’t connected and synchronized.  It also shows shows databases that have send or receive queues.  Since the column is sortable it should always show databases with “stuff” going on at the top.

Please note that you’ll need to sign up for the newsletter for instructions on how to enable the beta features.  You can find the link on Is It SQL page.

Data that is pulled from servers when the page is refreshed is now identified with a little lightning bolt.  Most data is cached every minute but some data refreshes with each page load.  This helps identify which is which.  The basic rule of thumb is that everything is cached except what has the lightning bolt.

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