IsItSql Shows Databases

You can download the latest build of Is It SQL from my consulting site.  You can now view the databases on a server.  And you can click on a column header to sort that column.


And no, my fantasy baseball team in 2015 didn’t do very well.  Unfortunately this year is much the same.   

Here are a few other improvements:

  • The Active Task page for a server no longer displays tasks waiting on BROKER_RECEIVE_WAITFOR.
  • The menu bar stays on top when scrolling down.  And I’m really surprised how much this little change has made the whole application so much more usable.
  • There’s better error reporting if you launch the application and the port is already in use.  I mainly see this when I launch the application and it’s already running as a service.
  • It prioritizes ODBC 13 over ODBC 11.  And it will gracefully fail back to earlier drivers until it finds one it can use.

If you’re running as a service, just stop the service, copy over IsItSql.EXE, and restart the service.  There’s never any installation needed.  And my email is at the bottom of the README if you have any questions or concerns.

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