ClearTrace Build 51 Available

I’m pleased to announce that ClearTrace Build 51 is now available for download.  If you’re using a previous build (especially build 50) I encourage you to download this version.

This build should load the latest version of the SMO libraries installed on your machine.  If you’re using SQL Server 2016, you need the SQL Server engine AND SQL Server Management Studio installed.  I believe this is the only way to get the complete SMO library.  This also means that when SQL Server 2036 is released it will automatically support it – and hopefully all the releases between now and then.

This version has a new sort named “CPU & Reads”.  It sorts based on the rank of each statement for CPU and Reads.  If you choose to display the top 15 statements and choose this sort you will get the top 7 of CPU and the top 7 of Reads.  Assuming there will be some overlap it will then fill up to 15 with using the highest ranking statements.  Or to put it in terms you might better understand, the ORDER BY looks like this:

  WHEN [CpuRank] < [ReadsRank] THEN [CpuRank]
  ELSE [ReadsRank]

I've found this brings the most interesting statements to the top.

The build also fixes a small parsing bug for statements that look like this: EXEC sp_executesql @statement=N'SELECT 1'.  The combination of EXEC and sp_executesql was making the actual statement disappear.  That’s fixed.

If you find any issues, please post them in the ClearTrace Support Forums.

Thanks and Happy Tracing!

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