PASS: Total Registrations

At the Summit you’ll see PASS announce the total attendance and the “total registrations”.  The total registrations is the sum of the conference attendees and the pre-conference registrations.  A single person can be counted three times (conference plus two pre-cons) in the total registration count.

When I was doing marketing for the Summit this drove me nuts.  I couldn’t figure out why anyone would use total registrations.  However, when I tried to stop reporting this number I got lots of pushback.  Apparently this is how conferences compare themselves to each other.  Vendors, sponsors and Microsoft all wanted to know our total registration number.  I was even asked why we weren’t doing more “things” that people could register for so that our number would be even larger.  This drove me nuts.

I understand that many of you are very detail oriented.  I just want to make sure you understand what numbers you’re seeing when we include them in the keynote at the Summit.

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