PASS: Budget Status

Our budget situation is a little different this year than in years past.  We were late getting an initial budget approved.  There are a number of different reasons this occurred.  We had different competing priorities and the budget got pushed down the list.  And that’s completely my fault for not making the budget a higher priority and getting it completed on time.

That left us with initial budget approval in early August rather than prior to June 30th.  Even after that there were a number of small adjustments that needed to be made.  And one large glaring mistake that needed to be fixed.  We had a typo in the budget that made it through twelve versions of review.  In my defense I can only say that the cell was red so of course it had to be negative!  And that’s one more mistake I can add to my long and growing list of Mistakes I’ll Never Make Again.

Last week we passed a revised budget (version 17) with this corrected.  This is the version we’re cleaning up and posting to the web site this week or next.

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