TraceTune: Improved Comment View

I wanted an easier way to identify queries I’d already looked at so I could skip them.  I’ve been entering comments for each query as I review it.  These comments typically fall into three categories: a change I made, no easy fix available or something needs to be changed on the client. 

TraceTune now highlights any statement with a comment in bold.  If you hover over the statement you’ll see the most recent comment for that statement.

TraceTune comment pop up

This gives me a quick way to see what’s new and identify those queries that still need work.  This is especially helpful when I come back to a server after weeks or months away.  These comments help jar my memory and remind me what I’ve worked on.

I made the font slightly smaller in some of the tables.  It’s still readable but I’m able to get more of a SQL statement on the screen.  I also got to re-experience the pain of Internet Explorer, Chrome and FireFox all displaying text (and pop-up text) slightly different.

Seeing the comments on a trace has been a big help to me.  I often do a round of tuning and then don’t come back to a server until months later.  Having the comments available helps me get back up to speed quickly.

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