Enter comments on queries in TraceTune

I’m trying to make TraceTune (and eventually ClearTrace) work the way I do.  My typical query tuning session goes like this:

  1. Run a trace and upload to TraceTune/ClearTrace
  2. Tune the slowest queries
  3. Goto 1

I might do this two or three times in one day and then not come back to it again for weeks or even months.  This is especially true for those clients that I only visit a few times per month.  In many cases I’ll look at a query, decide I can’t do much with it and move on.  I needed a way to capture that information.

TraceTune now lets you enter a comment for a query.  It can be as simple or as complex as you like.  The comment will be shown inline with the execution history of that query.


This should let you walk back through your history with a query and decide whether you should spend more time tuning it.

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