An online version of ClearTrace

When I visit clients for the first time and conduct a performance review I introduce them to ClearTrace. It’s still the best way I know to identify exactly which queries are consuming the most resources.  The downside is that it needs to be downloaded and create a database to store the results.  I finally decided it would be easier if I could just upload a trace immediately.

You can find the online version of ClearTrace at  It provides a simple way to upload a trace file and see exactly which stored procedures or SQL statements consume the most CPU and disk.

ss-trace  ss-sql

This is still a work in progress as I try to determine exactly which features from ClearTrace are important.  I’ve also limited the file upload to 10MB in this beta release.  That might not sound like much but I get over 20,000 events using this stored procedure to generate the trace.

If you’re looking for something to do on a Friday, I’d suggest a little performance tuning.  Generating 10MB of trace data doesn’t take long at all and in a short time you’ll see exactly which SQL statements you need to tune first.

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