Kansas City SQL Saturday BBQ Crawl

Our SQL Saturday in Kansas City is coming up on October 2nd.  We have over 40 sessions on the schedule.  These cover everything from very basic SQL Server administration to database mirroring to professional development topics.  If you’re in the area we’d love to see you there.

If you’re coming in from out of town you might be wondering what there is to do in Kansas City.  We don’t have an arch or mountains or the Magnificent Mile or whatever Dallas has that makes people go there.  What we have is meat.  Lots and lots of red meat.  More specifically barbeque.  We do a pretty mean steak but the city is really known for barbeque.  (On a side note we also have fountains.  Lots and lots of fountains.  More fountains than any city in the world except Rome.  Who knew!)

Friday afternoon we’re going to do a little BBQ crawl and hit four of the better BBQ joints in the city: Gates, Arthur Bryant's, Fiorella’s Jack Stack and Oklahoma Joes.

  1. We’ll start at Gates near downtown.  Gates is one of the oldest and best known BBQ places in the city having been around since the 40’s. You’ve probably seen their sauce in your local grocery store.
  2. Arthur Bryant’s is just south of Gates and our next stop.  Harry Truman was a big fan of Bryant’s and they’ve served nearly every president since then.
  3. Fiorella’s Jack Stack was voted the #1 BBQ restaurant by Zagat Magazine a few years back.  The Fiorella family has been active in the KC BBQ scene since the 50’s. 
  4. Oklahoma Joe’s is the new kid on the block. It grew out of a successful competition BBQ team fifteen years ago.  Located in a local gas station, Anthony Bourdain recently named it one of 13 restaurants around the world to eat in before you die.

PKFH2207That’s our lineup.  We’ll start around 12:30 Friday afternoon and shoot to finish up by 5PM.  That will give any speakers and volunteers plenty of time for our event that night with the Royals.  (This crawl isn’t our official speaker and volunteer event.) If you’re in any way associated with the SQL Saturday (speaking, volunteering, attending, etc.) and want to attend send me an emailTom LaRock and Chris Miller are already signed up.  I’m pretty sure the only reason Tom is attending is my promise to provide various delicious pork dishes.  Note: If you’re in KC you may be asked to drive.  (And yes, we’ll get this organized a little earlier next time.)

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