ClearTrace Supports Statement Level Events

One of the requests I get on a regular basis is to capture the performance of statement level events.  The latest beta has this feature available.  If you’re interested in this I’d like to get some feedback.

  • I handle the SP:StmtCompleted and the SQL:StmtCompleted events.  These report CPU, reads, writes and duration.
  • I’m not in any way saying it’s a good idea to trace these events.  Use with caution as this can make your traces much larger.
  • If there are statement level events in the trace file they will be processed.  However the query screen displays batch level *OR* statement level events.  If it did both we’d be double counting.
  • I don’t have very many traces with statement completed events in them.  That means I only did limited testing of how it parses these events.  It seems to work well so far though.  Your feedback is appreciated.
  • If you ever write loops or cursors in stored procedures you’re going to get huge trace files.  Be warned.

I also fixed an annoying bug where ClearTrace would fail and tell you a value had already been added.  This is a result of the collection I use being case-sensitive and SQL Server not being case-sensitive.  I thought I had properly coded around that but finally realized I hadn’t.  It should be fixed now.

If you have any questions or problems the ClearTrace support forum is the best place for those.

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