A new company and a new home for ClearTrace

It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing SQL Server consulting for nearly ten years now.  All that time I’ve been part of a firm called ClearData Consulting.  Over the summer we made the decision to disband the company.

scaleSQL Consulting My new firm is scaleSQL Consulting.  One thing I hope never to do again is try to come up with a name for a consulting firm.  That’s just not very much fun.  I’m going to continue to do performance tuning and database administration.  And I’m going to spend time working on SQL Server scalability issues.

This also means that ClearTrace has a new home.  If you visit the old pages on ClearData you’ll be redirected there automatically.  You can now find ClearTrace at www.scalesql.com/cleartrace/

I’ve also posted two of my recent presentations to the new site.  These include the PowerPoint slides and all the demonstration files.  My SQL Server Administration presentation is really just a checklist of steps for a new installation and basic configuration.  It’s targeted at people that aren’t full-time database administrators.  I’ve given this presentation to .NET developers, SharePoint experts, Access developers and group of SQL Server DBAs.  This is my first attempt at a presentation that is 100% demos and no PowerPoint slides except for the introduction.

My second presentation is on Query Plan Usage.  Many of the interesting problems I find in performance tuning are related to odd query plans.  This presentation is an attempt to distill the knowledge down to a single hour.  This also includes over 1,000 lines of SQL for the demos.

If you use Profiler to find SQL queries to tune I’d encourage you to give ClearTrace a try.  It’s a great little utility designed to identify which queries use the most aggregated resources.

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