Scriptio available on CodePlex

Scriptio is a little utility I wrote when I was unhappy with the scripting features in SQL Server 2005.  The biggest problem I faced was that I couldn't script a DROP and CREATE in the same file.  I'm pretty sure that's finally fixed.  The utility gives you all kind of scripting options now.

The source code was always available on the site but wasn't always easy to find.  And there wasn't a good way for people to submit improvements.  I finally migrated the code base over to CodePlex.  You can download the source code or just the compiled EXE.  It should also make it much easier to submit improvements.

I'm not sure what the future of this utility is.  I haven't played much with the scripting features in SQL Server 2008.  It is a great example of how to use SMO and the SMO scripting component.

A great big Thank You to Riccardo Spagni for prompting me to do this.  He also rewrote most of the code so it looks less like something I cooked up in my spare time (which it was) and looks more like an actual application.  Thanks!

Scriptio on CodePlex.

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