Code To Live

The Code To Live video starts with an All-Girl AC/DC cover band.  I'm not really sure what else you need to know.

Steve Loethen is a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft here in Kansas City (or some such related job -- I never really remember what he does).  We used to work together at this odd little company years ago.  I'm certain he would be voted the Microsoft employee most likely to be mistaken for a biker.  He and his co-host travel the country talking to developers.  With a Harley.  Dressed like bikers.  I'm not sure who cast Steve in that role but it's sheer brilliance.  The other guy is no slouch in the biker category either. 

The video after the All-Girl AC/DC cover band is actually pretty cool.  The first episode covers gaming and XNA.  I'm afraid my game programming skills stop at turning on an XBOX but I certainly appreciate those that write them.  I'm kind of curious where this will go.  Steve tends to get himself into some interesting predicaments so who knows what will happen.

Did I mention "Hells Bells", the All-Girl AC/DC cover band yet?

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