Yet Another ClearTrace Update

These titles seem to be getting repetitive. I updated ClearTrace again. I'm also back to using a ClickOnce installer. Unfortunately if you switch from an unsigned to a signed ClickOnce installation the existing people can't upgrade. How annoying! That was half the reason I switched to an MSI installer. Creating the package just took too much time when I wanted to release an update. It is just so easy to click the Publish Now button and be done with it.

I recently added a feature to capture some anonymous performance data. I'm trying to find out what size files people are importing and how long it takes. This is turned on by default but you can disable it if you'd like. I'm also looking for a few testers. I have a feature that I haven't enabled in the main version that lets you save all your traces. It is very easy to query the changing server performance over time. If you're interested please contact me.

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