Scripting Objects in SQL Server 2005

After working with SQL Server 2005 I've discovered that I can't script out one object per file and include both the DROP and CREATE in the same file.  Which is driving me absolutely crazy!  So I wrote a little utility and thought I'd share it.  If you'd like to see this functionality included in a future service pack you can vote for this feature through MSDN Feedback Center.

This utility requires .NET 2.0 and the SQL Server 2005 client tools installed on the machine.  The application is deployed as a ClickOnce application.  It can be installed at: (Location Updated)

I haven't released the source code yet but will soon.  The application is still fairly limited in terms of error handling and such.  I also don't have the automatic error reporting wired up yet.  I haven't done as much work as I'd like testing the scripting of CLR objects yet.  It does do a darn good job of creating scripts though.  If you'd like to test it or have need of this functionality give it a whirl.

The ClickOnce install only works if you view the page through IE.  ClickOnce apparently doesn't support FireFox yet.  Oh well.  The application will automatically update as I roll out new releases.

If you have comments or feature requests please email me or post them in the comments here.  Let me know what you think.

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