More SQL Server NAnt Tasks

I've updated my NAnt tasks to 0.94 (source and binary).  I've added three new tasks.

The first is a task to load an Excel spreadsheet into a SQL Server table.  We've found this to be a fair way to manage code tables.  They're easy to edit and print out for review.  They don't handle the foreign key checking until we load them in but that's been a fair trade-off for their ease of use.

The second task imports an image file into SQL Server.  It's basically a mirror image of TEXTCOPY.EXE except that it's a NAnt task and the trust connection works.

The last task is an updated SQL task from NAntContrib.  This version adds back proper column formatting for result sets.  They should come out nice and lined up.  We have SELECT statements in our build that we wanted to see in a readable format.

I'm considering writing a task that will execute a series of SQL files against SQL Server to create stored procedures.  The key being that it will sequence them properly.  I've got a rough draft working but it's not very fast at this point.  It will also process the command files that Visual Studio generates.

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