PASS Notes

My session yesterday was packed so I'm doing it again today.  Apparently quite a few people were turned away when they moved it to a smaller room.  It's in the last timeslot at 4:45PM today in the Tampa room.  This morning I added a couple of new slides and demos to the presentation.  At least the people that had to wait will get some additional information.  Fernando Guerrero is doing a presenetation on Profiler at 1:30 today and Gert Drapers is doing one on Trace at 9:45AM tomorrow.  Both a regreat speakers and they should be great presentations.  Fernando's is focused on developers using Profiler and Gerts is on the programmability of Trace in SQL Server 2000.

The conference is great! It's an amazing property with the nicest staff I've ever seen at a hotel.  All the sessions have been very informative.  Next year is in the Gaylord property in Texas.  Register now for a great discount :)

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