I finally updated to the latest build of .TEXT.  The two main new features are:

  • Posts that don't appear on the main aggregated page.  If you'd like to post on topics not related to software development you can prevent those from appearing on the home page.  At the bottom of the page to enter a post, click the down arrow in the Advanced Options bar and clear the Include in Aggregated Site checkbox.
  • Custom URLs.  You can also give your post a custom URL.  In the same Advanced Options section, you can enter a value into the EntryName.  The URL looks something like http://weblogs.sqlteam.com/billg/archive/2004/01/25/update.aspx when I type “update“ into the EntryName box.

That's really it.  There are small enhancements here and there but nothing else really major.

UPDATE:  Also note the main page is now cached for 120 seconds so any post you make or feedback you get might not show up for two minutes.

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